Frequently Asked Questions

This page will answer some of the questions that are not covered in the ‘Terms and conditions’ section. If you have not found an answer – please feel free to contact us directly: in email, Instagram, Facebook, or other messengers.

Questions about design

Changing some minor details is possible in most cases (unless there are technical or stylistic limitations). Please contact us to discuss the details.

However, we ask you to be careful with modifications and request only those that you really need. Most our dresses have come a long way of trials and errors to achieve the perfect final result. Sometimes even a slight change may disturb the balance and make the whole look very different from the original.

This will depend on the dress. The general rule is that we can change the color of plain fabrics – like tulle, satin, or lining. For some of the dresses this is enough to totally change the looks. For example, gowns like Taylor or Antonia from the Enigma collection – they can be easily be made in other pastel colors or in more traditional ivory.

However, for more complex fabrics – like lace or sparkling patterns – changing the color usually is not possible. Therefore dresses where such elements are an important part of the design can be made only in the original color.

As a rule, we do not make completely custom designs over the internet, and do not recommend that to anyone.

Creation of a new design is a complex process with many factors involved. For a good design it involves much more than the ‘top like this, sleeves like that’ approach. Thus, without your direct supervision and participation the result may be very different from your expectations.

Sorry, we will not be able to do that – for a number of important reasons:

  1. Ethics. We respect work of other designers, and take pride in our own work too. Therefore it does not feel right for us to make copies, replicas, ‘dresses 90% like picture’ or whatever it may be called.
  2. Quality – usually copies are inferior to originals. A wedding dress is a complex creation, where every part and every element depends on the others. Materials that look and behave differently, different tailoring and sewing techniques – all of these will affect the result.
  3. Expectations vs reality. We’ve met a HUGE number of brides saying ‘I ordered a custom dress somewhere and I regret that’. As results from the previous paragraph, making a replica dress is always a gamble. You don’t see the result until you get it, and the risk is too high that it will be something different than you had imagined.

Shipping and packaging

By default we ship with DHL Express – which has proved to be very fast, convenient and reliable. But we can negotiate other shipping methods if needed.

Your dress will have several layers of protective packaging: strong bag plus a carton box. We have a lot of experience with shipping services in many countries and know how to protect our products.

International shipping is expensive, and wedding dresses usually have great volume weight. Paying for air makes no sense, therefore every dress is packed to minimize the volume. 

After receiving the dress

After the dress arrives, please unpack it and put on a hanger using the inside straps. For heavier dresses use both transparent silicone straps and the supportive straps sewed into the waist.

It’s probably needless to say 🙂 , but please try your dress on to make sure that everything is alright and check if you will need alterations to be done.

It would be great if you can treat the dress with a garment steamer (but NOT an iron) to get rid of transportation wrinkles and see its true look.

A dress should be treated with garment steamer right before the wedding (1-2 days) — to maximize the effect and avoid getting wrinkles. This is a special device created for delicate fabrics, it produces powerful steam that removes wrinkles, refreshes the fabrics and makes the tulle look airy. If you do not have such device at home, garment steamers can be found at most dry cleaners and fashion shops, and are often available for rent.

Important: NEVER USE use a regular iron — even a single touch of a hot sole may cause unrepairable damage to delicate fabrics.

We recommend storing dresses before the Big Day on a hanger, in a breathable dress bag.

After the wedding

This depends on whether you plan to wear it in the near future:

  • If yes – it will be better so store it the same way you did before the wedding – on a hanger in a protective bag.
  • If not – you can have it neatly folded and put in a dress storage box or a breathable bag.

In both cases please store the dress is a dry place, away from sunlight and strong smells.